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Creator of fine champagnes & signature collectables

Matrone, a privately-held company, set to be introduced in 2025 to its members and selected gastronomy venues, is soon to be celebrated for its creation of fine champagnes, accompanied by a selection of signature collectables.

From the collective vision of four gentlemen, the Matrone brand was founded on the principles of exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design.

Every sip of champagne and each collectable is an invitation to a world of extraordinary experiences, promising moments of unmatched delight and sophistication.

A timeless philosophy

Nestled in the Grand Cru village of Le Mesnil sur Oger, a distinguished champagne house captures the essence of both simplicity and sophistication. Its design, characterised by the striking contrasts of black, white, and silver, pays homage to both clarity and depth. Named to honor the enduring strength and grace of women, this maison brings a distinctive flair to the art of champagne making.

At its core, this philosophy is deeply rooted in the expertise of vineyard artisans and a rich, enduring heritage. Each meticulously crafted bottle is a testament to this ethos, seamlessly blending elegance, ecological awareness, and a dedication to age-old traditions.

With its array of limited-edition champagnes and exclusive collectables, the brand caters to those who value rarity and exceptional craftsmanship.

Committed to maintaining a standard of unmatched quality, the maison is selective in its use of the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, ensuring every product reflects a commitment to artistic integrity and uniqueness. This careful selection underscores the premium nature of the grapes, further elevating the maison’s dedication to excellence.

Here, in this serene setting, the respect for tradition blends seamlessly with modern grace, and the tribute to feminine strength is delicately woven into every aspect of the maison’s creations.

Welcome to the world of Matrone, where each detail tells a story of timeless elegance and inspired artistry.

Gastronomic venues-

Matrone 100

Soon, this experience comes to life:

The world of the Matrone 100, a handpicked collection of 100 gastronomic destinations around the globe, mirroring the unique flair and essence of the Matrone brand.

While Matrone champagne is an exclusive privilege for members of La Société, non-members are invited to discover and enjoy a selection of our champagnes at these venues.

The Matrone 100 is more than a list of gastronomic places: it’s about experiencing memorable moments that our champagnes can elevate.

La Société-

A gateway to our champagnes

As the 2025 launch nears, Matrone is set to unveil La Société, an exclusive membership granting privileged access to limited offerings of refined champagnes.

This membership is your gateway to engage with our unique selections. For those keen to be part of La Société you can now register your interest here.

Register your interest in La Société

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